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Fist day of competition in Les Gets!

Day One of the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup!

Men Downhill Qualification

The event has kicked off with a bang.  On the programme today was Training for both the Downhill (DHI) and the Cross-Country (XCO).  Great to see all the riders out on both courses and the event really getting under way. The Downhill Qualifying round was next up with both the juniors and elite riders taking their turn on the track. The Mens Elite qualifying round wasnt quite as close as everyone was expecting but great to see two French riders finishing 1 and 2 – Amaury PIERRON and Loic BRUNI – Amaury PIERRON was the only rider to finish under the three minutes – and Loic Bruni not far behind.  In third place Troy BROSNAN from Australia who has had successes in the past here in Les Gets. Danny HART keeping in the race for the Brits aswell coming in at 4th Place…

Top 3 men elite – Qualifications
— Amaury Pierron (FRA)
— Loïc Bruni (FRA) 
— Troy Brosnan (AUS)

Women Downhill Qualifications

For the Women Elite – it was a close 1 and 2 for Tracey Hannah of Australia and Marine CABIROU of France with under a second between them, in third place Mariana SALAZAR from El Salvador!

Top 3 women elite – Qualifications
Tracey Hannah (AUS) 
Marine Cabirou (FRA) 
Mariana Salazar (ESA) 

Cross-Country Short Circuit

The Cross-Country qualifying round took place Friday evening for both the women and men elite. The qualying round was won by Kate COURTNEY of the USA, with a very close 2nd place by Pauline FERRAND PREVOT. 3rd & 4th place were taken by Elisabeth BRANDAU from Germany and Jolanda NEFF from Switzerland. It was a vert close heat with only a 0.07 gap between them!

For the Men Elite – it was very close between the top three – 1st place was taken Mathieu VAN DER POEL from the Netherlands, 2nd place was Henrique AVANCINI from Brazil and 3rd Place Victor KORETZKY – the Finals look set to deliver in terms of excitement – definitely not to be missed.

Men and women results
Men results
Women results

Day 2…

DAY TWO looks set to be full of excitement especially with the finals of the Downhill – lets see how the French riders perform tomorrow – we are sure that the home crowd will really help bring it home for them. See you here in Les Gets for the FINALS DHI and the XCO training – looks set to be jam packed with excitement.