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Major changes for XCO and DHI tracks

New lines for the Cross-Country course, Olympic discipline

While retaining its original layout on the Chavannes side, the Cross-Country course will evolve significantly this year with the addition of numerous technical sections as well as modifications to the lines that should lead to great duels. In consultation with the FFC staff and the local track managers, a series of works is planned for spring in order to bring the course into line with the current Olympic Cross-country (XCO) standards and thus offer a more challenging and spectacular playing field.

The new features for 2021 are the introduction of 15 technical development points, spread over the whole circuit. Ephemeral Rock Garden, springboards, jumps, roots and rocks… This is what awaits the riders this year. ¾ of the developments will be permanent and the ephemeral installations will be put back in place for the 2022 World Championships“, David Moreau, XCO race director, tells us in preview.

It is also in the spirit of the “Terre de Jeux 2024” label, looking forward to hosting XCO teams as part of the training programmes for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, that these adjustments have been planned.

A more technical and spectacular track for the Downhill

For Downhill (DHI), a brand new track is being created this year. Inspired by the track that hosted the P2V Invitational last September, the course is still located on the slopes of Mont-Chéry and retains only the start and finish areas of the old track. Apart from that, everything is new! The local teams of shapers have worked on the subject with the will to bring a fresh wind, but especially to propose a varied track where fast and technical sections follow one another and which makes the beautiful part to the spectacle with in particular, a memorable finish !

We’re going to bodybuild the P2V Invitational course, which is a good base, and propose a more open, more technical and faster track with a very spectacular finish! The bottom of the track will be completely transformed but we won’t tell you more for the moment…” say Léandre Alegri and Ben Tex, DHI course directors.